Deep View

Deep View 16.0

Enables shared viewing and publishing of designs
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Create a shared environment for working on a project design of any type without having to refer to specific skills and equipment. It provides visualization and description of 2D and 3D objects from different engineering systems. Joint publishing and markup are among the available options.

Deep View enables free distribution of sophisticated viewing, collaboration, publishing and mark-up capabilities to everyone in the enterprise.
With Deep View, users can easily utilize 2D and 3D product information without knowing engineering design systems or relying on their assistance for access to design content. With Deep View everyone can leverage visually rich and interactive product data directly in industry standard desktop document formats including Microsoft PowerPoint Word Excel, or one click publish to Adobe PDF to create documents, presentations, training materials and marketing collateral with the impact of visually enhanced, interactive content.
What's NEW in Deep View 6.0?
Designed for non-engineering professionals, Deep View leverages industry standard desktop applications and eliminates the need for engineering involvement whenever complex 2D and 3D product graphics are utilized to improve presentation and communication of product related information needed.
Deep View is much more than just a viewer, it is a powerful application that will change the way people use product design information internally and externally. Now everyone who would benefit from sharing, publishing, viewing and utilizing 2D and 3D visual information for their specific work can easily do so.

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